Fast Track Cements for Floor Screeds


Fast Track Cements for Floor Screeds

  • ARDEX rapid drying floor screeds are walkable from 3 only hours and lay floorcoverings from as little as 4 hours
Quick drying screed for floors

Fast Track Cements for Floor Screeds

ARDEX Fast Track Screeding Cements could save you weeks, even months on a project.

According to industry guidelines a 75mm traditional sand and cement screed would require up to 110 days to dry at 20˚C and 50%RH at the rate of 1mm per day for the first 40mm and 0.5 mm thereafter

ARDEX floor screeds that incorporate the unique ARDEX RAPIDRY FORMULA Technology, can be walked on in 3 hours and can receive floorcoverings, from as little as 4 hours, regardless of the thickness.

The RAPIDRY formula also provides the screed with rapid strength development. After only 1 day the compressive strength and tensile strength of ARDEX A 38, exceeds the acceptable minimum strength attained by an ordinary cement screed after waiting 28 days.

ARDEX RAPIDRY rapid drying cement screed has been designed to meet the increasing demand for fast turnarounds that minimise downtime and disruption. The quick drying screeds allow fast track installations by facilitating the early laying of all floors, ideal for both time critical  commercial and domestic applications.