Hong Kong

Kwai Chung Hospital Renovation

Rooftop Waterproofing Renovation

Kwai Chung Hospital Renovation

Sheltercoat 157 spray applied waterproofing system is designed to install on top of existing roof top without hack off the old waterproofing. Here are the advantages for using this system.
– Existing roofing system can be retained, highly reduce landfill loading
– Environmental friendly, reduce noise pollution and disturbance to property users
– Reduce total construction time, leads to early completion
– Very high application efficiency and speed up whole re-roofing work process
– Excellent adhesion, slip resistance and chemical resistance Ideal for regular maintenance traffic and fit for most confined area work
– Toxic free & low VOC
The consultant of this project was very satisfied with this job, he issued an acknowledgement letter after the work has been completed.