Hong Kong

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

Renovation of the stunning swimming pool and spa.

Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong

The client wanted a nice and beautiful swimming pool & spa area. The substrate was old cement sand screed with cracks
and uneven level surface. Renovation would like to extend the life time of swimming pool & spa.

To prepare new even substrate for tile & stone application, installers used ARDEX B55 leveling mortar.
ARDEX WPM 300 acts as water based primer that creates a positive bond between substrates and water-based
coatings. It has superior water resistance and prevents efflorescence while withstanding hydrostatic pressure.
In addition, it provides the excellent adhesion to most substrate, including damp surfaces and freshly laid concrete,
and it can be used as a one coat primer for other applied finish like ARDEX waterproofing membrane and
tiling adhesive. ARDEX WPM 300 is also safe for potable drinking water, removing risk of water contamination from
materials in the many resort pool areas.
ARDEX WPM 006 Waterproofing Membrane was applied. Recognized as excellent elongation & breathable,
it can compensate for some slight movement in the substrate. Two layers of ARDEX WPM 006 coating offered the
seamless surface.
To complete the job, ARDEX X26 High Performance Tile Adhesive was selected for its strong adhesion
and slip resistance to heavy tiles and stone by addiing special polymer. Its good flexibility was
particularly suitable for yielding artificial stone and non- moisture sensitive natural stones.