Hong Kong

Midfield Concourse, Hong Kong International Airport

Rooftop waterproofing at one of the best airport in Asia.

Midfield Concourse, Hong Kong International Airport

Spending HK$10-billion dollar and four years development, Midfield concourse was launched providing full service
on 31st March 2016. To enhance handling capacity of passengers per annum and increase parking stands for both
passengers and cargo operation, midfield development implemented which located at the west of Terminal 1 and
between the two existing runways. In addition, this concourse incorporated a wide range of green initiatives, such as
installation of one of the largest arrays of rooftop solar panels in Hong Kong.

ARDEX took a part in this project, as well as be responsible for rooftop waterproofing system and flooring system.
As the midfield concourse located at Chek Lap Kok, an island always being affected by the climate easily, it required
high protective to UV and weather resistance building materials being used to contribute the rooftop waterproofing
A stronger adhesion attached to metal is vital to provide the excellent and stable system. With 13,000sqm rooftop,
ARDEX suggested the project featured with ARDEX Butynol Roofing membrane, ARDEX WA 98 Butynol Adhesive and
ARDEX Butynol Seam Tape to constitute waterproofing rooftop system.
ARDEX Butynol was applied with its excellent aging resistance from heat and sunlight and extremely strong with
long life and versatile. Butynol is a synthetic rubber by combining the petroleum gases isobutylene and isoprene
at the extremely low temperature of -100°C with excellent gas impermeability and toughness and remains flexible
at low temperature. With the use of the designated ARDEX WA 98, specially developed high performance roofing
contact adhesive, there is the strong bonding between butynol membrane and roofing substrate. It is convenient and
economical spraying, combined with its long tack life; make it ideal for bonding large areas. Between each 1.4m width
and 17.86m sheet membrane, ARDEX seam tape is the medium to fuse the sheet membranes together.